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Our Kingdom Students Ministries (Nursery, Kids, Teens, College) guide our youth in Learning, Loving, and Living their faith. Each Sunday we post services on our KFAME website and KFAME YouTube channel. The worship and lessons provide children the opportunities to grow in their relationship and love of Jesus.

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Kingdom Nursery


“Jesus answered, ‘I am the way and the truth and the life.’”
John 14:6, NIV



Who can help you do everything? Jesus can help you do



What You

Construction paper, tape, and markers


\What You Do/Say:

Say, “We heard a great story that Jesus told about kindness
today. Kind is cool. Say that with me. Kind is cool. (Repeat.) Awesome! Let’s
make a ‘Kind Is Cool’ banner.”

Tape together several sheets of paper to create a banner.
Using a marker, write “KIND IS COOL” in big block letters. Invite your kid to
help you decorate the banner.

Say, “We’ll fill this banner with outlines of your hand.
Tell me the first color you’d like to use. (Pause.) That’s a great color!” Help
your child trace the outline of their hand in different colors until the banner
is filled. Spend some time together coloring and decorating the banner. Then,
hang it on a wall somewhere in your home.

Say, “Look at the banner we created! It’s so cool. Kind is
cool. In our Bible story, we learned about the Good Samaritan. The Samaritan
man chose kindness and used his hands to help the hurt man even though their
families weren’t friends. When Jesus is our friend forever, He can help us
choose kindness, too! Jesus can help us do everything. Who can help you do
everything? Jesus can help me do everything.”



Hurt Man: Cut out the two images of
the man and tape/glue them together. Put Band-Aids on the places where he is


“Dear God, thank You for showing us that kindness is cool.
Help us to be like the Good Samaritan, and to show kindness to everyone—even to
people we may not get along with. We love You. Amen!”

Nursery Resources:


If you have any questions please contact Ms. Kim or Ms. Christina

Kingdom Kids


Why Can’t
We Be Friends?





Make Waves


Monthly Life App

What You Do Today Can
Change the World Around You





1 Samuel 25:1-35 NIrV




“The fruit the Holy Spirit
produces is love, joy and peace. It is being patient, kind and good. It is
being faithful and gentle and having control of oneself.”
Galatians 5:22-23a, (NIrV)



You can help others make peace.


I need to make the wise choice.


Morning Time

As your kid starts their day,
point out a time when they handled a tough situation really well.


Meal Time


At a meal this week, ask
everyone: “What is something kind that you have done for others?”


Drive Time


While on the go, ask your
kid: “If you could take a trip to anywhere in the world, where would you want
to go?”

Bed Time

Pray for each other: “God,
when we have conflict or disagreements, give us wisdom to find a peaceful solution—one
that honors You and shows Your love for others.”

Kids Resources:

– Kids Activity

If you have any questions please contact Rev. Jones RevJones@Kingdom.Global

Kingdom Teens


Rev. Mariah Crews 

If you have any questions please contact Rev. Mariah Crews Revmimi@Kingdom.Global

Kingdom college

Min. Sean Lewis


If you have any questions please contact Min. Sean Lewis slewis@Kingdom.Global

Kingdom Young Adults

Text: Luke 10:25:37

Title: The Good Samaritan


If you have any questions please contact Rev. Erica St Bernard or Rev. Russell St. Bernard RevRuss@Kingdom.Global


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