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9AM (In-Person and online)
12N (Online only)

7PM (online Only)

What time are the services?
Our worship services are at 9am in person and online, at 12n and 6pm online only.

Where do I park?
We have church parking inside of the parking lot as well as on Tech road and industrial road.

How long will the services last?
We are preparing to have two great and impactful worship experiences that will last between 65 minutes and 75 minutes as the Lord leads.

Do I need to bring my vaccination card?
If you have pre-registered and uploaded your vaccination information you do not need to bring your card with you.  We will just verify your name, if you need to register please text “Gather” to 240-201-3300

Will there be ministry for students on Sunday’s in-person?
We currently will not have ministry for students in-person on Sunday.  However, our youth ministry teams have created weekly Bible content and lessons for our students please visit the Kingdom Fellowship AME Church’s YouTube page for these videos.

Can I bring my students who are under 12 and unvaccinated to the worship service?
Yes, you can bring your students who are under 12 and unvaccinated to the worship service with you, they must wear their mask and stay with a parent at all times.

What if I couldn’t pre-register on my computer or device?
If you have a problem completing the register please email and we will be happy to help you complete the form.

What if my registration code doesn’t work?
If you have completed the registration form and for some reason it doesn’t work, no worries we can check you in by your name.

When do I need to wear my masks?
Everyone must wear their masks for the entire time that they’re in the building.

Can I bring my physical offering to the Church on Sunday’s now?
Yes you can bring your offering to the Church on Sunday.  There will be a baskets at the door for you to give your tithe and offering before and after service.

Will I be able to have personal prayer with someone, a ministry or leader, when I attend on Sunday’s? 
Ministers and Stewards will be available for prayer after the service, however the prayer will be distanced in an open space that has been identified already in the building.

How early can get into the sanctuary on Sunday’s?
You maybe enter the sanctuary 15 minutes before the worship service you desire to attend.

What should I expect?
You should expect a powerful and high impact worship experience full of singing, dancing, praising and of course great preaching when you attend a Kingdom Fellowship worship experience.

If I want to attend both services do I need to register for each?
Yes you will need to pre-register for each service you would like to attend even if they’re on the same day.

What will those who don’t attend the in-person worship service see online?
Those who do not attend in-person worship on Sunday morning will experience the online service that we have created for online as normal.  These services will be played at 9am (In-Person), and 12pm & 6pm (ONLINE ONLY)

If you have any other questions please send us an email