Go Deeper With A Kingdom Devotional

Welcome to Kingdom Fellowship AME Church, where faith and fellowship intertwine to create a spiritual home for all. Our Kingdom Devotionals is your personal gateway to diving deeper into the Word at your own pace, enriching your spiritual journey every step of the way. Here, you’ll find thoughtfully crafted devotionals that inspire, challenge, and uplift, allowing you to connect with God’s teachings on a more intimate level. Whether you’re seeking guidance, comfort, or wisdom, our devotionals are designed to meet you where you are in your faith journey. Embark on this soulful exploration with us, and let the transformative power of the Word guide your heart and spirit.

rightnow media

At Kingdom Fellowship, we are committed to making Kingdom disciples who make a Kingdom difference, and because of this, we have made an amazing investment into your spiritual journey and spiritual growth. “Right Now Media” is a powerful biblical streaming platform packed with thousands of videos, study guides, and resources for all ages and walks of life. Whether you’re a new believer seeking foundational teachings or a seasoned disciple hungry for deeper insights, Right Now Media has something for you.

Each week, you’ll receive study guides from Pastor Watley’s sermons and study guides from KFAME Bible studies, and you’ll have access to content ranging from inspirational messages to practical teachings, from renowned pastors and speakers to engaging Bible studies.