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Spoiler alert: The Joneses are broke. That means keeping up with them will only get you into MORE debt! It’s time to run fast and hard in the other direction, and Financial Peace University will show you how. Join us for our spring classes online at Kingdom Fellowship.


You won’t even have to leave home to learn how to dump debt and build wealth. Contact us with any questions. Then, go sign up and join our virtual Financial Peace University Spring Classes.

Summary of Last 2 Sessions
Over our first 2 sessions of Financial Peace University we’ve had 440 families enrolled including persons from as far away as New York, Georgia, North Carolina, Michigan & Texas Including one person who drove in weekly from Delaware.

350 participants reported that they had a Total of $36.9 million of non- mortgage debt.
A Total savings of $7.7 million
And a total of credit cards 1,822

Immediately after the end of these sessions we got reports from 116 persons reported paying off

$978,400 of non-mortgage debt
$300,481 money has been saved
and 257 credit cards destroyed